Board Committees


Board Committees:The Board of Directors forms specialized committees emanating from it to assist it in performing the main tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it, and it approves the regulations of these committees to clarify the duration of the committee, its powers, tasks, rights and responsibilities and how the Board controls them. These committees are formed based on a decision issued by the Board of Directors that includes naming members and naming a chairman Committee and setting the date of commencement of the work of the Committee.

Risk Management Committee


The committee aims to support the board of directors in carrying out its responsibilities of verifying compliance with the standards and the effective application of the company's various policies, identifying weaknesses and working to take corrective measures in this regard. As well as by analyzing the nature and size of the risks facing the company's activities to reduce them as much as possible and to ensure the integrity and integrity of the financial reports as well as to ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of the applied internal control systems And work on managing the risks that the company may be exposed to and setting the necessary controls for work To reduce them, determine the company’s potential risks and the acceptable percentages thereof in exchange for the expected benefits, and submit relevant recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee aims to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its obligations with regard to overseeing the quality and integrity of accounting practices, auditing, internal control, legality, financial reporting and the company’s general framework of corporate governance, in addition to the company’s relationship with external auditors and ensuring their independence and impartiality.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee aims to verify the preparation, follow-up and control of the application of governance principles and compliance with the instructions, regulations and laws issued by the various supervisory authorities in this regard, and the appropriateness of the policies, regulations and procedures applied in the company to those instructions, and to take corrective and preventive measures and steps when necessary, in order to achieve budget and harmonize the powers The management of the company and the protection of the rights of shareholders and stakeholders for the interest of the company.


executive committeeThe Executive Committee aims to assist and support the Board of Directors in carrying out its responsibilities and taking its decisions in a thoughtful and clear manner in operational matters in line with the company's general strategy and achieving its objectives in the best way.

Remuneration and Nominations Committee

The Remuneration and Nominations Committee aims to assist the Board of Directors to carry out its supervisory responsibilities and duties to ensure the nomination of the competencies necessary for membership of the Board of Directors and administrative positions in the company, and to verify that they are carried out in accordance with an institutional framework characterized by efficiency and full transparency and is mainly in the interest of the company and then achieving the objectives of the shareholders, in addition to the supervisory tasks To ensure the integrity and correctness of the company’s remuneration and allowances policy for members of the Board of Directors and to verify that it is fair and contributes mainly to attracting human cadres with professional competence and high technical capabilities, in addition to consolidating the principle of belonging to the company, and the Committee is concerned with providing recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding nominations for positions of the Board of Directors and evaluate their performance as well as review the remunerations and benefits granted to members of the Board of Directors.