Service Overview Service Areas

The Cleaning and Security Department provides full services and solutions to areas related to security and cleaning for both public and private sectors.

This department owns a fleet of equipment and highly trained labor to perform contracts obtained by the company.

  • Transport and disposal of waste.

  • Urban areas cleaning and environmental Cleaning works.

  • Providing hospitality and cleaning personal to both public and private sectors.

  • Providing safety and security services to government and private sectors.
Current Contracts Achievements

Currently the cleaning department is carrying out various services and is executing some of the major governmental contracts such as:

  • Cleaning contract number N/4/2006 for Kuwait Municipality which is carrying out the cleaning services of Al-Jabria, Hawaly, Maidan Hawaly, Al-Noqra and Al-She'eb Area.

  • Cleaning contract number 176/2004-2005 for the offices and buildings of the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training.

  • Cleaning contract number 22/2005-2006 for Kuwait University – Al-Khaldia location.
  • Total completed and under completion contracts for the department where 59 contracts.

  • The value of these contracts is over KD 17 million.