Innovative investment solutions provided by a highly experienced investment team.

Considering as a holding company associated to various investment activities, required an asset management team with the know-how for different investment fields, 'alaqaria'  recruited the best for people that are known in the investment which will define the company future.

The responsibilities of this team are divided into two main unites, business development department and corporate finance:

Corporate finance
  • Project valuation and feasibility studies:

    The team is responsible for evaluating the new projects and investment opportunities by various valuation methods e.g. due diligence, field studies, technical and legal consultancies. The team is responsible for all the analytic and valuation procedures to give 'alaqaria' a profound in depth studies.

  • Establishing and selling companies:

    The team is responsible for the follow up for all the procedures to establish a company beginning with government procedures to establish a company to selling shares in private or public initial offering.

  • Mergers and acquisitions:

    The team is responsible for giving the 'alaqaria' the best ways to buy established companies by evaluating these companies financially and management wise. In addition, the team will be responsible to play the role of acquisition negotiator with the selling part.

  • Capital restructuring:

    The team is responsible for restructuring consultancy by identifying the optimal mixture for financial resources and whether it should be internal or external.x

  • Cooperating with other companies for the private and public offerings:

    The team is responsible for supervising the private placements and IPO's with other specialized companies' e.g. investment companies, banks, brokerage companies and capital markets.

  • Listing affiliated companies:

    The team is responsible for listing the affiliated companies in the money markets which include listing procedures, identifying the date for enlistment and valuating the optimal share price.
Business development department
  • Strategic planning and development:

    The main job is to prepare plans and strategies for 'alaqaria' both short term and long term, at the same time targeting new sectors and industries to enter.

  • Marketing investment products:

    The team job is establishing marketing strategies to market the investment product e.g. conventions, advertisement, road shows and journalistic statements.

  • Finding and locating investment opportunities:

    The team will locate new investments in Kuwait or abroad and try to enter the feasible investments.